Guide to Make Cheesesteaks at Home

Have you ever prepared a philly cheesesteaks at home? I’m sure you have made many sandwiches, but this will surely be your favorite one. There are so many ways people prepare the Philly cheesesteak sandwich these days. 

As for its origin, long back in 1938, it originated in Philadelphia. So if you are looking for something different from pizzas, burgers, hotdogs, and wings, give it a try.

cheesesteaks at home


  • Bread, such as hoagie rolls or French bread
  • 4-16 oz ribeye steak, sliced paper thin

For stir fry

  • One large onion, sliced into rings
  • One green bell pepper sliced into rings
  • ½ tsp garlic puree
  • 8 oz, mushrooms, sliced
  • Clarified butter as required
  • Olive oil 3 tbsp or as needed
  • Salt and pepper, to taste

For toppings

  • Sliced cheese
  • Any choice of sauce or mayonnaise


Here is the simple method to make cheesesteaks at home.

Step 1

Use a traditional ribeye steak. First, put it in the freezer for about 40-50 minutes just to get it slightly frozen so it can be easy to slice. Then, cut it as thinly as possible. 

Step 2

After cutting the ribeye steak, prepare the vegetables for topping. Take thinly sliced onions, green and yellow thinly sliced bell peppers, and 8 ounces of sliced mushrooms. 

Step 3

Take a pan, and heat it on medium-high. Pour about a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Then, drop your onions and bell peppers. Saute and cook covered for about 3-4 minutes. 

Step 4

Till the time vegetables are cooking, season the streak with a pinch of black pepper, salt, and a tiny bit of olive oil.

Step 5

Prepare your flat top on medium heat and add a bit of clarified butter, then add the ribeye steak. Break it up using a spatula. Cook till it’s nicely brown. 

Step 6

Time to check the veggies; saute for another 10 seconds. Now add the mushrooms and a little more olive oil. Saute it for about a second. Add half a teaspoon of garlic paste to it. Saute it around. Add a pinch of salt, cover it and cook for another 3 minutes. 

Step 7

Flip your steaks and let them cook another side. Sprinkle a little bit of pepper powder on it.

Step 8

Now, open the lid of the veggies, turn the flame to high and cook it till the moisture is absorbed. 

Step 9

After 3 minutes, the steak will be completely toasted and brown; time to add a cheese slice over it. Next, take an aluminum tin and cover it over the cheese steak and Wait for a few seconds to melt the cheese.

Step 10

Take a roll, brush it with butter and toast it till it’s nicely grilled. Then, check the steak to see if it’s completely melted or not.

Step 11

Take toasted bread on a plate and add cheese steak using a spatula. Next, top it with caramelized onions, bell pepper, and mushrooms. However, people sometimes add ketchup to it. If you want any sauce, griddle it over the caramelized veggies and add another portion of toasted bread. Cut the hoagies into two parts from the center to see what’s inside them. Make the remaining sandwiches using this same procedure.

cheesesteaks at home


We hope the recipe of making cheesesteaks at home was an easy read. Serve immediately with any of your favorite pickles. Hope you like the recipe. Please let me know if you add something extra that I missed out.

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