How to Slice and Dice an Onion

Today, let’s learn how to slice and dice an onion. I understand it sounds very easy, but it’s not as easy. But I promise, by the end of this article, you will start cutting an onion, maybe not as swiftly as the restaurant cooks but definitely much more efficiently than earlier.

So without wasting any more time, let’s begin with the topic, i.e., how to slice and dice an onion.

Before moving on to our core ingredient, the onion, assemble the rest of the tools required for cutting an onion.

  1. Sharp Knife
  2. Chopping Board

Pro Tip

To create a firm grip for the cutting board, cut the tissue paper, which goes straight on the table, and splash some water on the tissue paper. Then, place the chopping board on that wet tissue paper. It will create a grip for the chopping board and will not move very easily.

Now, let’s understand what an onion looks like; if you notice properly, the bulk portion grows underground. On the other hand, there is a residual stock on the other side that actually extends into leaves and flowers. Cut off the residual stock. 

To hold an onion on the table, you need to make a firm grip by placing your thumb on one side and index and middle fingers on other side. Then, through that arch, slide your knife carefully and press it against the chopping board. 

After that, you will get two parts of an onion.

  • Now, remove the caps from both sides as small as possible.
  • Peel off the skin of the onion.
  • It’s time to pour the onions under a bowl of water.

Why You Need to Pour Your Onions Under Water

  • Sometimes, there is a black powdery coating over onions, which would possibly be fungus.
  • Onions naturally have sulfur in them, making our eyes watery. Hence, cutting and soaking them in water can actually remove the sulfur from onions.

Cut at least 3-4 onions before we start chopping.

Now, rub the onions under water to remove the fungal activities. 

slice an onion

Different Types of Cutting

Let’s see different ways to cut an onion.

Vertical Slicing

Place the onion on the board and hold it firmly with all your fingers on the curved part. Next, take a knife and rest it against your knuckles so that it will not slice them off. 

Now gradually and evenly make the fine cuts, which can be as fine as possible. Keep sliding your fingers backward when the knife keeps approaching. If you notice the motion of your knife, you’ll understand it more clearly. 


  • To make perfect cuts, it is necessary to have a sharp knife.
  • When you reach the ends, push it down, and start chopping it, like before.
  • Do not concentrate on speed; it comes with practice. At this stage, focusing on the precision and accuracy of cutting onions is essential.

Use of vertically sliced onions

You can use them as fried onions for Biryanis and Pulaos and to decorate other food items.

Horizontal Slicing

Instead of cutting it vertically, we will hold the onions horizontally. Position the cut surface of the onion on the board and have a firm grip with all your fingers on the curved part. Now start slicing it. 

Again the grip remains the same. The thickness and the thinness of the onions depend on you entirely.

Use of horizontally sliced onions

You can use this type of onion in salads or can go very well with tandoor or can go very well with tandoor or kabab items.


To chop an onion, you only need to use the tip of your knife and run it over the onions. The knife’s motion will be pulling it towards you and making incisions as small and thin as possible. 

First, make cuts in the onion vertically and keep it attached to its root. Now, turn the onion slightly and cut it horizontally. Finally, to be more clear cut the onion in a zigzag style.  

Use of chopped onions

You can use chopped onions in gravies, masalas, or garnishing.

Diced Onions

Diced onions can be of three sizes – large, medium, and small. 

Small Diced

Let’s first cut onions into thick horizontal slices. Then, turn the angle and continue slicing vertically. Run your fingers over it and release all the petals. (The gap between slicing can be around half a centimeter).

Medium Diced

Here, well will slice them off around a centimeter and a half thick.

Large Diced

For large diced onions, take half of an onion. Now give three vertical cuts and two horizontal cuts.

Use of diced onions

use these various sizes of diced onions as per the demand of the recipes. 

Petals cut

The petals cut is by far the easiest in onions. Take half onion and cut it into two parts. Take one portion and release all the petals using your hands. 

Use of petal cut onions

These can be used in grilling chickens or for sizzlers and topping purposes in kadhai sabzi. 

dice an onion

Pro tips

  1. Take a sharp knife
  2.  Secure your cutting board in a firm place using wet tissue.
  3.  Prevent eyes from being watery by pouring onions in water.


We hope you understood how to slice and dice an onion. For more such tips, keep reading our blogs.

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