How to Cut a Watermelon: Cubes, Slices & More

Watermelon is a summertime favorite. You can use it for healthy juice recipes or making ice creams. However, cutting them is a tricky task. But don’t worry. I’m here to show you the right techniques to cut a watermelon. Besides, you can ensure that you have the best-shaped watermelon in your hands. 

So, today we’re going to talk about how to cut a watermelon. I’m excited about this one. It’s a big summer favorite for everybody. Kids love it, and you know it’s cool and refreshing when you get this refrigerated. Also, it’s a healthy breakfast option. Hence, without any delay, let’s jump right into the cut.

cut watermelon

Cutting Into Triangular Slices

Let’s see how to cut a watermelon in triangular slices.

1. Creating a flat spot

One little trick I have for you is to put the watermelon up and cut a flat spot on one side. It doesn’t have to be big. But just enough so you can have a flat place. And then cut both ends off to make it more stable. 

So now you’ve got something solid to work with, and it’ll be easier to make slices or chunks.


It’s crucial to have a sharp knife to cut a watermelon. I use a chef’s knife for this, but you can use any knife that causes pressure there. So try it out and see what’s easier for you.

2. Parting of watermelon

So now that we have cut those ends off, it’s time to go ahead and cut it right down the middle.

You’re going to move your knife around. And depending on how big it is, you might have to turn it, but that flat spot will help you out. And cutting it in the middle will give you two halves.

3. Cutting them into wedges

Now we’re going to cut this up into wedges. Take any one part of the watermelon and cut it right through the middle. After cutting it from the center, you will get two-quarters of the watermelon. Now using that flat spot, we’re going to cut the slices. As for its thickness, you can go for probably an inch thick. It’s really simple and easy.


Now, if you have a really big watermelon, you can cut it again. Hence, you can have four-quarters out of that.

So go ahead, take your other half, and put it on the flatter side. Then, cut your watermelon into half-inch to one-inch slices if it’s easier. That’s how you can have the perfect wedges that everybody enjoys, especially during the summer.

Cutting Them Into Chunks

The first step will remain the same.

1. Peeling off the thick green skin

Take the first part of the watermelon and place the open side down to make it easier to cut. And then all we’re going to do is cut off the thick green skin around the watermelon. Move your knife all the way around. If you have a boning knife, it can be a little bit easier. Continue to cut it all the way around.

After peeling off the thick green skin, if any little white bits are left, cut them off too. 

2. Cutting them into cubes or chunks

Now we will cut the slices as thick as you want the chunks. So if you want it to be 1 inch thick, just cut the slices one inch thick. Then just grab some of those pieces, stack them if you like, or do them individually. So now we’re just going to cut them in the vertical direction.

Give them another turn, and then you’re just going to cut your chunks. And now your watermelon has complete chunks for your next fruit salad. It is a lot easier when you peel that thick green skin off. That way, you’re not trying to do the exact cutting of that green skin on every little piece.

So go ahead and stack these up.

cut a watermelon


We hope you have learnt different ways to cut a watermelon. Keep following us to read more such blogs.

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