5 Essential Things You Should Know About Using Your Air Fryers

Over a decade has passed since air fryers were introduced to the kitchen. Since then, it has become one of the most vital kitchen appliances, with many of the same capabilities as microwave ovens and deep-fat fryers.

I can assume that you either bought a new air fryer or planning to buy one. These kitchen appliances are hot topics right now, and now you can find out what the big deal is for yourself.

However, there are a few vital things you should be aware of if you are new to using an air fryer.

essential things to know about using air fryer in kitchen

5 Essential Things to Know About Using an Air Fryer

Follow these steps to maintain your air fryer’s life.

1. Never Skip Preheating Step

Similar to a microwave, air fryers require preheating before adding food. You should ensure you don’t start cooking your food immediately. These appliances are rather tiny, so it usually takes a few minutes to reach the desired temperature.

Preheating is extremely useful when you want to quickly sear finer or thinner pieces of meat. You may also prevent overcooking when reheating frozen dishes with bread or leftovers. However, you may omit the preheating stage if you prepare more food, such as steak or chicken.

2. Prevent Overloading

It is not something out of the box to overcrowd your air fryers because of their size limitation. However, you should not overload air fryers but heat the food in batches. The food’s exposure to the hot air in the airflow produces the desired browning and crispy quality.

While you can cook many meals and appetizers from scratch with your air fryer, you can also use it to reheat food from the day before. The air fryer gives anything, including leftover pizza and day-old fried chicken. The meal is heated uniformly and has a crisp texture that microwaved leftovers do not have.

3. Give the appliance some room while using 

Be careful to relocate your air fryer at least 6 inches away from adjacent walls. This will improve the air fryer’s ability to draw in air for circulation. You can store your air fryer in a cabinet or at the back of your counter once you finish cooking and it has cooled.

4. Mixing seasoning with oil before applying it to food

Before adding spices to the cuisine, combine them with oil. Preparing your food in a bowl with oil, salt, herbs, and spices is best before placing it in the air fryer. Otherwise, the air fryer’s powerful fan can blast the spices off the meal. If the meal appears dry midway through cooking, add another oil spray. This will guarantee uniform browning and the nicest, most consistent crisp on coated, dry-battered food.

5. Leaving the trays and baskets un-greased

Air fry is so simple that you may even omit procedures like greasing the tray and the basket. Beyond a small spray to aid in browning, air-fryer dishes like air-fryer ravioli and frozen items function nicely without any added fat. Sounds healthy and yummy!

air fryer


Hope our guide on five essential things you should know about using your air fryer will help you in your journey. However, when using a smart kitchen appliance like an air fryer, always be careful and read the instructions properly.

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