4 Double Boiler Uses

A double boiler is a kitchen device that helps cook meals at a low, even temperature. It includes two pans; a higher pan with the food and a lower pan with boiling water. The heat from the boiling water inside the lower pan is transferred to the upper pan, and cooks the food slowly and lightly.

It is one of the easiest ways to make your food. This article will teach us how to make a double boiler at home and its uses. 

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Creative Uses of Double Boiler

It is an amazing kitchen device for domestic cooking. It is best for people who want to make delicious food without spending much time in the kitchen.

  • Double boilers help in melting chocolates and making custard or reheating sauces.
  • Many people use a double boiler for reheating the food, and it is the best way to reheat because the food doesn’t get dry.
  • It is one of the best kitchen devices which will help you to steam your food.
  • By using a double boiler, you can prevent ingredients from burning.

Apart from these, there are some other uses of a double boiler. They are as follows. 

Melting Chocolates

You must be wondering why we have mentioned melting chocolate here, as we can always melt chocolate in the microwave. The answer is that a double boiler lets us heat the chocolate indirectly through steam, giving us perfect smoothness.

Reheating Food

You can reheat your food with the help of a double boiler as the food will adequately heat.

Helps in Steaming the Food 

Many recipes need proper steaming, as with the help of a double boiler, you can steam momos or any Chinese food.

Helps in Making Food For Children

We have seen that many Indian moms give their children vegetable salad, but a child cannot eat it because it’s quite hard to eat, so with the help of a double boiler, one can steam carrots and radishes, then it will be easy to eat.

How to Make a Double Boiler

You can make your double boiler at home by following these simple steps –

  • Find a huge pot to keep a glass or metal bowl initially, then place the bottom pot a few inches above. A huge bowl is necessary to extend up and cast it without problems.
  • Fill the large pot with water. After that, fill the pot with about an inch or two of water. Make sure the water level is below the bottom of the smaller pot.
  • Place the smaller pot on top of the larger pot so that it rests securely inside, ensuring the water in the larger pot doesn’t touch the bottom of the smaller pot.
  • Now, heat the setup on medium-high heat until the water in the large pot simulates gently. Once it reaches a simmer, turn the heat down to low.
  • Now it is ready for use, place your ingredients in the smaller pot and stir or whisk them as needed. The steam from the simmering water will gently heat the ingredients in the smaller pot.
  • Creating a double boiler with normally-to-be-had kitchen elements can be a great manner to save time and money. It is also first-rate to ensure that you cook meals evenly and thoroughly.

How to Use a Double Boiler 

Using a double boiler is simple and a great way to cook or melt ingredients that require gentle heat. Here’s how some of it’s uses.

  • First, fill the bottom pot with an inch or two of water and bring it to a simmer state. Keep the top pot on top of the bottom pot, ensuring it fits snugly.
  • As soon as your pot and bowl are in position, fill the pot with about an inch of water. Ensure the bowl does not contact the water; this will motivate the chocolate to get too hot. Eliminate the bowl, switch your stove on, and bring the water to a boil. When the water is boiling, turn the warmth to the lowest setting.
  • Fill your bowl with chocolate and thoroughly set it on top of the pot of simmering water.
  • The chocolate will melt with the help of steam. With the help of a spatula or spoon, keep stirring the chocolate so it will melt quickly, and be careful that there should not be any water drops in the chocolate.
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A double boiler is especially useful for delicate dishes like custards, sauces, and melted chocolate because it can provide a steady low heat that won’t ruin them. By having this homemade setup in your kitchen, you can easily make all kinds of delicious dishes.

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